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Under Vehicle Scanning System

Under Vehicle Scanning System

We are an eminent Exporter & Supplier of Under Vehicle Scanning System from Delhi, India. The Under Vehicle Scanning System offered by us is used by various security firms for inspecting the under carriage of vehicles. Our Vehicle Scanning System is noted for its high-resolution camera, great clarity and long functional life. We offer the Under Vehicle Scanning System to worldwide buyers at highly affordable rates.

Details : The Uvicam Under vehicle Inspection system is a video camera designed for security personnel to inspect the undercarriage of vehicles. The system has been designed to provide quick and easy visual of the entire underside. The system has incorporates a high-resolution color video camera with a fully integrated illumination system to provided clear views under day and night lighting conditions. The system can be used with the display attached for efficient one hand operation allowing the officer to cover his weapon in high-risk searches. With the display detached, the operator is free to move the display to increase comfort or optimize viewing. With optional display extension cable, the display can be used over display viewing in bright sunlight conditions.


Technical Specifications

  • Video :
  • Camera - Color, 1/4 CCD, 2 Lux, 380 Lines, Auto-iris, Dsp Control
  • Illumination - 16 Element White Led Array with dual level output
  • Video Display - 7" Diagonal, Active, Detachable TFT with on-screen display of illumination level and Battery charge Indicator.
  • Video output - Optional cable
  • Video Standard - NTSC / PAL

System Controls :

  • Operation - Control for power-illumination level
  • Display Brightness-Contrast Control
  • Battery - Auto Cutoff-on 30min inactivity
  • Articulation - Direct-drive finger control

Dimensions :

  • Probe Length - ~110 cm
  • Arm Reach : ~65 cm
  • Probe Weight - >2.2 kg with display attachment
  • Camera OD - 36 mm dia
  • Min. Access - 37 mm dia
  • Total Area Viewed - 195 degree

Battery :

  • Type - SMF rechargeable, 2.5 A/hr
  • Endurance - 2 Hrs with NiMH Battery Pack
  • Recharge - 2 Hrs with supplied char
  • Weight - 1.3 kg

Optional Area : Digital Video Recording

Telescopic Mirror

Telescopic Mirror
1.Mirror Size 9 Ounches X 5 inches approx
2.Telescopic Handle Bar
3.Handle Extendable Up To 4ft Approx
4.Light Source Can Be Mounted (Optional)

Trolley Mirror

Trolley Mirror
1.Mirror Size 2ft X 1 ft
2.Also Available Mirror Size 23" X 18"
3.Handle Bar Straight Or Telescopic
4.Handle Bar Lenght- 4ft approx
5.Movement- Roller Wheel provided For And easy Movement
6.Base Till Suitable Designed For Clear View
7.Light Source(Optional)-Commando Torch
8.Fully Powered Coated (Select Models)